Paul O’Donovan Rossa

Paul O’Donovan Rossa is an executive coach with 25 years’ experience working with C-suite executives, senior leaders and teams in over 30 countries across a wide variety of cultures and sectors.

Paul’s coaching enables clients to realize clear outcomes and deliver tangible results. These results include:

  • The courage and capability to lead
  • Key client wins
  • Significant additional revenues
  • Substantial investment backing
  • Rising to success in new roles and responsibilities
  • Business transformation
  • Greater personal ease and increased energy

Clients appreciate Paul’s ability to get quickly to the heart of the matter.

He is hired by leaders in professional services, financial services, and NGO’s, as well as from a wide range of other industries.

These leaders seek greater clarity and self-understanding for connecting with the strategic and human aspects of complexity. By creating more time to think things through clearly, they make far greater impact for their organization.

The aim of Paul’s coaching is to exponentially increase the rate of personal and professional growth and learning for his clients, to deliver long-term sustainable benefits.


Personal and business transformation

“Paul’s coaching has been transformational across many aspects of my life, including his commitment to ensuring I put down proper foundations from which to deliver sustainable development and growth. Our work has enabled my career to flourish in rising to take on a number of executive and leadership roles. As a lateral hire into a brand new role, it has been a cornerstone in enabling me to build the new business, and recruit and lead a truly outstanding team delivering consistently exceptional year on year growth.”

CEO, Global Business

Calmness for psychological health, ease and well-being during a tough time

“The coaching helped with self-awareness and using my creativity and visionary skills to move from senior manager to director, and then later when moving from junior partner to the partner leading the group as I grew from functional specialism to a broader mindset. I learnt how to move the chess pieces around with ease, to see the bigger picture and be able to move in that sphere, including dealing with heavy friction when groups merged. It was a tough period due to politics and the different characters involved, and you were there for me to help navigate as well as anyone could through the mire.”

Partner, Big 4 Professional Services Firm

Making a difference through vision

“Working with Paul was particularly powerful in developing a refreshed vision and new strategy for the business. How could we be a leading light in the industry and market, and renowned for doing something special? He has an almost uncanny ability to help discover and understand what is going on, what is really required. That was vital not just to expressing the vision but crucially to helping it become reality.”

CEO, Legal Services Business

Clarity of focus, perspective and seeing the end from the beginning

“With significant coaching from Paul, I developed a 10-year personal and professional vision for what I wanted to create. His support enabled me to steer our business the right way and feel confident in all the key decisions along the way. Through lowering risk and not missing anything material, I felt surer about bringing others with me and it freed up my energy for leadership and growth. Our vision became a reality and I now face the next 10-year challenge with relish.”

Managing Partner, Law Firm

Creativity as a catalyst for transforming the enterprise

“With the help of Paul’s considerable coaching expertise, I was able to enhance my leadership skills, building on respect established from technical expertise, to create considerable rapport with my management team. The culture of collaboration enabled the team to work effectively together, and develop products and services that competed very successfully against solutions from a significantly larger competitor.”

Partner, Big 4 Professional Services Firm

Case Studies

  • Major new leadership role and responsibilities; key client wins; significant additional revenues; transformative results:

    • Won on average 6 new blue-chip and multinational clients over a 10-year period, fundamentally changing the nature of the firms’ client base
    • Achieved a 150% increase in revenues over last 5 years
    • Won early Industry recognition as Law Firm of the Year in our sector
    • Have delivered a transformational merger for the business
    CEO, Law Firm
  • The courage to lead; clarity of vision and plan; substantial investment backing; development of significant additional revenue:

    • Establishment of new service offering
    • Significant local and global stakeholder support built swiftly
    • Clear strategy and plan devised and implemented
    • Recruited team of 70+ with clear people and client proposition
    • New revenue stream for the Firm, delivered highest growth rate of any business over preceding 3 years
    • Further investment backing secured to grow by 300% over next 3 years
    Partner, Big 4 Professional Services Firm
  • Transformative results; the courage to lead; developing an effective leadership style that established confidence and brought about significant positive change:

    • Revenue growth of 15% CAGR, creating a profitable business with the main product utilized by 100+ clients
    • Opened 5 regional offices, built a global team of 80 employees in 7 international locations
    • Scored one of the company’s highest levels of engagement through development of a collaborative leadership style
    Managing Director, Energy Team, Global Advisory Business
  • New role and responsibilities; the courage to lead; substantial investment backing; significant additional revenues:

    • Mentored and brought through 4 directors
    • 5 personal promotions over only 8 years (from senior manager to senior Partner role)
    • Built and led new specialist team of 60+ people
    • Appointment of 4 additional Partners
    • Market-leading business grown to $13m revenue p.a.
    Partner, Big 4 Professional Services Firm
  • New director role; significant additional revenues:

    • Key client win generating additional $10m revenues over 3 years
    Director, $200m+ Global Business
  • New role and responsibilities; the courage to lead; transformative results; step up to CEO during global financial crisis:

    • New leadership team with 6 change of roles
    • New strategy devised and implemented
    • Promotion of 25 senior executives as next generation of talent
    • Expansion into 5 new territories
    • 2 industry awards for strategic progress and innovation
    Executive Board Member, 
$250m+ Revenue Business


Professional Qualifications & 

Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
Master’s degree in Professional Studies – Executive Coaching (Middlesex University)
Master in Professional Coaching (i-coachacademy)
Systemic Team Coach (Global Team Coaching Institute)
Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching (Academy of Executive Coaching)
Postgraduate Diploma in Management Consultancy (University of Surrey)
Board Certified Coach (Centre for Credentialing and Education)
Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ACC ICAgile)
Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation (ATF ICAgile)
Certified Practitioner in The Leadership Circle
Certified Practitioner in MBTI
Certified Practitioner in Hogan Assessments
Licensed Practitioner in Facilitation Through Values
Certified Practitioner in Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator
Adjunct Professor, Executive Coaching, Ageno Business School, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California

Getting Started

Paul welcomes inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your needs in complete confidence. Before coaching commences, Paul will meet you and your stakeholders, and understand your business and requirements, to ensure he has the right foundation to work from. Based on that understanding, he will give you a clear and transparent fee proposal for your work together.

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